Link Wentworth Housing Ltd
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About Link Wentworth Housing Ltd

Who are we and why should you join us?

Link Wentworth is an ambitious and growing housing and homelessness service, based in Greater Sydney. 

Link Wentworth is one of the largest community housing providers in Australia, managing approximately 6,400 homes with around 10,000 residents and 200 staff.

Link Wentworth is committed to providing more homes and delivering better services to enable a brighter future for people facing housing stress and homelessness.

Using decades of community driven experience, our work engages the full spectrum of housing needs from homelessness services, to social, disability and affordable housing. 

We also provide support services to help people sustain their tenancies, strengthen their lives and participate fully in their communities.

We are one of the few housing providers in NSW to provide support services for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Link Wentworth offers staff: 

  • A strong culture of collaborative teamwork, individual empowerment, and customer-centred service delivery 
  • Options for flexible work arrangements to improve work/life balance 
  • Attractive leave options 
  • A competitive salary with the opportunity to reduce your income tax and increase your take-home pay with not-for-profit salary packaging
  • Meaningful and fulfilling employment, improving the lives of others every single day 

+ much, much more!!! 


New South Wales, Australia
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