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About Realink

Empower you to be the best agent.

MESU Real Estate has a professional IT and Real Estate Agency background. Our team has developed a platform called 'Realink' which combines IT and Real Estate knowledge to generate this unique platform to tailor to the needs of Real Estate Agents.

Realink is a web-based portable devices platform for Real Estate Agents to operate.

The platform provides:

- Dashboard | data analysis & report generating

- Tracking process system of your work

- Shared Listing

- Marketing Support

- Message Template

- Core Logic RP data | CMA & AVM report

- Become a master agent of your own

- Payment tracking process

Due to the unique characteristic of Realink, the platform has first-hand insights into properties’ data and information for Real Estate Agents' review. We offer the most competitive commissions and comprehensive support in the market. 

All we want to do is to create a sustainable, unique, transparent platform for Real Estate Agents to work with. 


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia